For the Love of Illustrating

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It's been a busy couple of years with babies, child wrangling and illustrating books consuming many of my waking hours. The days have blurred into a crazy, chaotic, wild ride that's taught me much. Like how to survive with minimal sleep, how much I still love creating and how much I love the life I have been graciously given. So with all that in mind I decided it was time to open up shop once again!

I've poured myself into this little shop of mine and as I prepare to share it with the world I feel my knuckles going white with anticipation of the ups and downs that may come my way. Whatever the result I know that I can't help but do what I love and love what I do. So with that in mind I hope, with the wind in our hair, that you'll join me on this wild roller coaster ride as well!

My little tribe that always keep me busy and on my toes...

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  • Karen Boje on

    Congratulations Lisa! The shop looks great…but how can it not with your gorgeous work!

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